Wish List

Wish List

Want to help but not sure how?

Throughout the years, the community have been very generous supporters to the Boys and Girls Club of Durham. As our programs grow, we need new items that will help us expand to meet the growing needs of our membership. For that reason we have created a club wish list.

Healthy Food for our Nutritious Snack Program

New Van (for transporting the kids from the schools to the After-School Programs and to activities at the different units)- $20,000

Computer Lab - Eastview- $25,000

Computer Lab - Northview- $15,000

Aquatics Pool Supplies- $6,700

Arts and Crafts Supplies- $5,000

Scholarship Fund- $2,500

Gym Supplies- $2,500

Summer Camp Supplies- $2,000

Foosball Table for Eastview- $2,000

Foosball Table for Northview- $2,000

Pool Table for Northview- $2,000

Board Games- $1,125

Storage Containers- $500

Sponsor Camper- $500


Granted Wishes!

Lawn Mower

Thank you to Kellar Williams who not only purchased a new lawn mower for our club but also clean, painted, gardened and made our club really sparkle!

Storage System for our Gym

Thank you to the Anonymous Family Foundation who donated the funds that allowed us to purchase and install a new storage system in our gym. 

New Lifeguard Chair

Many thanks to the Lions Club of North Oshawa for their generous aquatics donation which was used towards replacing our 50 year old lifeguard chair. Thank you for your continued support!

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