The Boys and Girls Club of Durham offers a wide range of programs for children and youth ages 4 to 18 across the Durham Region giving them a place to belong for their own benefit. As of September 2013, there are 20 locations throughout the Durham Region that offer our After School Programs. Our club offers not just fun/interactive activities; we aim to meet the needs of our membership through various workshops and programs focusing on issues that are present concerns of children and youth in our community.

Learn more about our programs and policies download our Parent/Guardian Handbook.

Membership Fees

Valid from September 1st to August 31st.

Children ages 4-12: $80 per year per person

Youth ages 13-18: $25 per year per person
Three or more children: $70 per year per person
Call 905-728-5121 x0 to find out our prorated membership pricing for the afterschool program. 

Daily After-School Service Fee 

During the registration period we will only be accepting membership fees (as listed above) and the afterschool service fees for September-January ($190). Fees for the 2nd half of the school year are likely to be different due to the minimum wage increase.

Attention Parents of Clubs Members attending After-School Programs at Lincoln Avenue & Vimy Ridge Schools 

Lincoln Avenue and Vimy Ridge are cost recovery school and follow a different fee structure. Cost for these schools are $8 per day. Membership fees are built into this cost and members must attend program a minimum of 3 days per week.

We can offer subsidy through the
Canadian Tire Jump Start Program and Their Opportunity .

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The Boys and Girls Club of Durham is a member of the Advancing Affordable Recreation In Durham Committee. (AAARD) This committee was established to ensure recreation services are available to all Durham residents. Research dictates that the provision of parks, recreation and cultural opportunities is an essential service that enhances individuals and the community alike. The members of this committee are committed to working together to increase the number of residents who can experience the benefits of recreation.

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