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BGCD COVID-19 Update March 13, 2020

BGCD COVID-19 Update March 17, 2020

BGCD COVID-19 Update March 27, 2020

Most Updated Information

The Ontario COVID-19 webpage contains information about the number and location of COVID-19 cases in Ontario, updated twice daily.

The most up-to-date Canada-side information can be found on the PHAC website, including daily updates on the number of cases, symptoms, treatment, prevention tips and more.

The John Hopkins Coronovirus Resource Center contains regularly updated information about COVID-19 cases worldwide.

The World Health Organization has some great advice for the public about protective measures and has some resources you can print and post around your workplace and even your home!

Emergency Response Benefit
Check out this article for more information about funds you could be eligible to receive.

Talking to Kids about COVID-19

Dr. Michelle Dickinson has lots of great, jargon-free videos explaining COVID-19 and why washing your hands is so important.

This NPR comic is a quick and easy way to talk to kids about COVID-19.

Check out some of these tips about how to talk to anxious children about COVID-19.

This article from CBC News gives parents some tips about talking to their kids about COVID-19 and addressing their concerns. 

Check out Something Strange Happened in My City by Dr. Shun-Chen Jenny Yen from California State University for a short children's story that talks about COVID-19.

Teach kids to cough into their elbow with this quick "Vampire Cough" video.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children has some great resources to look through.

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