Youth Justice Department

Extrajudicial Sanctions (EJS)

The Extrajudicial Sanctions Program is a means to divert young persons who are charged away from formal criminal proceedings and into a program of rehabilitation. Examples of extrajudicial sanctions include: community work, personal service work, apology letters, an apology in person, essay/crime prevention projects, restitution, and/or participation in life skill programming such as Anger Management or Life Skills Programming. 

Extrajudicial Measures Program - Restorative Justice Program

Funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, the Restorative Justice Program is a precharge program that allows the police to address the actions of young persons without utilizing the formal youth justice system. This innovative police/community partnership is designed to hold the young person accountable to the person harmed in the offence.

Youth Justice Committee (Y.J.C.)

The Youth Justice Committee is a program initiated by the Ministry of the Attorney General. It provides an alternative to formal court proceedings when dealing with young people alleged to have committed minor offences. Youth Justice Committees involve trained community members who meet the persons harmed, accused young people and their parents/caregivers to negotiate an appropriate way for the young person to make amends for his or her actions. Youth Justice Committees provide an increased opportunity for persons harmed and the boarders community to have a role in dealing with offenses committed by young persons.

For more information about becoming a member please click here.

The Youth Outreach Worker Program (YOW)

Funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, the Youth Outreach Worker Program is designed to increase youth opportunities by removing barriers, fostering effective community linkages and engaging and addressing individual risk factors and strengths. Our YOW program provides services for youth ages 12-21 years who reside in Clarington, Oshawa and Whitby. 

If you would like more information on this program or want to know how to make a referral, you can contact the Outreach Workers.

For more information on the Youth Justice Services Department please contact Jill Dallaire 905-728-5121 ext 234.

"My ambitions and goals are clear to me now and this is why I am so grateful for this incident.  Without it, I can honestly admit, that I would not have the clarity and motivation that I have now.  I would like to say thank you to the staff at the Boys and Girls Club and the judicial system for giving me the chance to express my thoughts on the incident."  ~ youth to staff at BGC


Contacts for Youth Justice Program

Jill Dallaire

Director of Youth Justice Services Dept./Youth Justice Committee Coordinator
905-728-5121 ext: 234

Shannon Podehl

Extrajudicial Measures Coordinator
905-728-5121 ext: 227  

Jared Brown

Enhanced Extrajudicial Sanctions Coordinator
905-728-5121 ext: 235

Julie Chartier

Youth Outreach Worker
905-728-5121 ext: 501 

LeRoy Lyttle

Youth Outreach Worker
905-728-5121 ext: 502

Natalie Armorer

Youth Outreach Worker
905-728-5121 ext 263

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